28 years old, Customer Service Office
at Blom Bank S.A.L

What do you like about Lebanon?
I like the nature, weather, life in Lebanon, Lebanese cuisine and the diversity
of religions.

What do you hate about Lebanon?
Most of all I hate politicians because none of them care for the Lebanese citizens and I hate people who follow them blindly.
In addition to this, I hate pollution and traffic we have in Lebanon.

Are you involved in an association or a movement?
No because I don’t trust any. The one I can associate with if he had any movement was former minister Mr. Ziad Baroud because I think he had strong morals.

How do you see the future of your country?
I see that year after year history repeats itself, war with Israel our enemy, and politicians inside are fighting for their interest. Nothing will change if we still have same people ruling the country.

If you had to leave Lebanon, where would you want to live?
I don’t want to leave Lebanon despite everything, but if I had to I would choose Italy because I like Italian people.

A dream?
I dream to live in full peace and that Lebanon be the safest place, with more independence and real freedom.

That’s Lebanon I love
Lebanon is the best place (in my opinion) for tourism

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