26 years old, journalist and producer of a show
on the channel Sahar TV

What do you like about Lebanon?
One can only fall under the charm of its landscapes and its diversity. What I like above all in the country of the Cedar, is paradoxically its strength and determination. I say paradoxically because 
on the economic level and on the political spectrum, Lebanon is considered a small country but when you really discover its history, its sufferings, its wars, you would be surprised to see that country is still "standing". 
This strength despite all the pain, is embodied in the resistance in all its forms (military, people, etc.), against 
the Israeli occupation in the south and against oppression and injustice. Despite all the wars and an alarming 
economic situation, people do not lose hope and always believe in a better future.

What do you hate about Lebanon?
I hate above all its confessional political system that should have been eliminated a long time ago. I hate those politicians 
who have only increased community tensions rather than appease them. I still hate to see Muslims who are afraid to go 
in neighborhoods that are predominantly Christian or Christians who are still afraid to go in neighborhoods that have a Muslim majority. This is simply shameful and ignorant! 
I hate to see Lebanon plagued by corruption, racism, discrimination (based on religion, physical appearance, social status, age and sex) and especially the injustices against women and immigrant workers. I hate to see a Lebanon that guides 
its economy towards tourism, foreign investment and passively observing the fleeing of its young minds!

Are you involved in an association or a movement?
No, I am not active in an association or a movement. I've been volunteering at the Children’s Cancer Center. I do not really get involved because, unfortunately, everything is politicized in Lebanon. I would like to get involved in a neutral association to fight against all forms of discrimination, particularly the ones against women.

How do you see the future of your country?
Unfortunately, I am pessimistic about the future of Lebanon! I think Lebanon has everything it takes to grow but all its resources (natural and human) are poorly used or managed. If we do not change our political system but also economic, Lebanon cannot move forward.

If you had to leave Lebanon, where would you want to live?
The reasons that could push me to leave this country are the same as all Lebanese youth: the country's economic situation, 
lack of opportunities on the labor market and political instability. My first choice would be to go to Istanbul. I felt under
the charm of this magical city and its people are very welcoming. My second choice is Paris, my home-town where I lived
during my entire childhood.

A dream?
A strong Lebanon with no more religious diatribes, this seems like a good dream. I dream of a world where no one dies of hunger or cold. I dream of a world where more fight the injustices of many peoples around the world. A world where we will end the machine of crazy capitalism. All this seems unfortunately quite a dream!

That’s Lebanon I love
Article here
This is an article entitled "Old Beirut", a journey in pictures and in time. "
The author informs us about the destruction of heritage in Beirut.
I quote: "In Beirut, the old Lebanese houses are destroyed to make room for modern towers 
supposed to represent the future of the capital."

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