25 years old, responsible for communication

What do you like about Lebanon?
The food, nature and people! They are good sort. I love the sun and the sea that we have here, pines and four seasons in contrast to Europe, 
for example. And people are warm and friendly. We have warm blood!

What do you hate about Lebanon?
The absence of a state in a proper form. There is everything we need but nothing is done correctly whether in law, politics, etc. Anything that comes from the state is false although our base is good. Our legal system has been copied to the French system of the Fifth Republic, but then it was incorrectly applied. We did not have the necessary changes.

Are you involved in an association or a movement?
No. I do not like being in a certain group even if it's something good like volunteering or an association. I have never felt this need. It's every man for himself.

How do you see the future of your country?
Nothing will change. Nothing will happen. At least not in my lifetime.

If you had to leave Lebanon, where would you want to live?
I'm like Sissi ... I wish I had a castle in England, a flat in Paris, another in Barcelona and one foot to land in Beirut.

A dream?
Not really a dream ... but a wish. Living as I see fit. If I want to achieve something and even if it takes time, effort, I want to satisfy my cravings. For example, the issue of secularism, we have to get there. But now it is fresh. These are things that are not made overnight. We must build the minds through education.

That’s Lebanon I love
This is a video of Fairouz.
This is one of those I watch all the time when I am in Lebanon, France or elsewhere.
This is called "sad nights of the North".
It's nostalgic, like all the songs of Fairouz...

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