22 years old, student in interpretation

What do you like about Lebanon?
I love the diversity of the communities in Lebanon, coexistence; that you can be Muslim
and go to a Catholic school, for example.

What do you hate about Lebanon?
I hate political parties trying to control society in all of its aspects and that they fuel the community feelings to benefit from it. I hate power cuts, lack of basic services and government neglect. I hate the fact that degrees do not allow us to get the jobs that match our skills. I hate the fact that the woman cannot give the Lebanese nationality to her children 
and that marital rape is not considered as a crime and that civil marriage is not an option for young people.

Are you involved in an association or a movement?
No, because I tell myself it will not change anything. But I am beginning to change my mind; it is us, young people, who have to change the situation. We shouldn’t be discouraged.

How do you see the future of your country?
Economically, it getting worse, the citizen is struggling to make ends meet and it starts to get unbearable. Politically, this will be the same parties that will govern the country with their dealings and their endless conflicts. But I keep my optimism, change begins to be felt especially among youth, such as the march of the Laïque Pride, held this year, which shows 
that the Lebanese are tired.

If you had to leave Lebanon, where would you want to live?
I'd like to go to Spain, but with the crisis in Europe, it is no longer the ideal place to launch a career. There is a high probability that I end up in one of the Gulf countries.

A dream?
To start a family in Lebanon after launching my career abroad. In Lebanon, I dream that our destiny is in our hands, they let us live as we wish, that our policies are no longer tied to the foreign forces, that young people be more aware, committed and they can achieve their ambitions here instead of going abroad.

That’s Lebanon I love
This page is "Hummus nation", 
a humor site that makes fun of our policies and issues such as sectarianism.

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