28 years old, student in environmental security and peace

What do you like about Lebanon?
I like the cohesive and nuclear nature of the family. I like the weather, Tripoli and I like the foooood! I like how we are 18 confessional sects, experienced a war, been through it all and we still carry on.
We have perseverant academics, scholars, political analysts, activists, who are striving to make a better environment, social, cultural and political changes. I like that we are all multilingual which opens more space for interaction
with others.

What do you hate about Lebanon?
I hate the sectarian divisions. I hate that the community (as in all people) once they meet you (a Lebanese), the first question they ask after your name is, “what is your last name and where you are from?” so they can detect what religion or power sharing group your belong to! I hate it! I hate the driving...that is why I don’t drive anymore. I hate the littering and irresponsible insensitivity to our environment. When we think about peace in the Arab world, we should feel at peace with our environmental essentially and foremost. If the environment is sick and polluted then what?
I hate the beeping, that there are no trains and there is poor public transport. I hate the mushrooming of buildings and, specifically, the destruction of old ancient ones. I hate there are no green spaces and the "sexual harassment" while walking.
I hate the “kefala” system and how domestic migrant workers can’t go out most of the time and are imprisoned at homes, working 24/7. I hate the discrepancy between the poor and rich, the inadequate living condition of Palestinian refugees…

Are you involved in an association or a movement?
I am a member of the Migrant Workers Task Force and I am an active member in the environmental and social justice movement over the world. I get involved because I feel this urgency to do make a difference, no matter how minute that difference is. We all talk about making a change. I want to benefit humanity specifically the vulnerable, marginalized, disenfranchised and poor who can't get the basic rights to the environment.

How do you see the future of your country?
I can see positive changes...I hope the uprising gets to Lebanon. We are definitely different structurally from all other Arab countries that have been rising up against the tyrannical order but Lebanon can change to be a better socio-political, economic and environmental power. I see Lebanon as a diplomatic center for the Arab world but unfortunately I see young people who are migrating for better opportunities.

If you had to leave Lebanon, where would you want to live?
I can’t fully answer this question, as I do not know how it is to live in other countries, but I lived in New York and I miss it.

A dream?
I dream of a real unity, that sectarianism becomes history, that we can really appreciate ourselves, our countries and
our environments. This is my dream and we shouldn’t wait for years. And I dream that Palestine gets liberated, no more destructions and killings.

That’s Lebanon I love
It manifests the multi-confessional system of Lebanon, its diversity and sophistication.
It shows how different cultures coexist together with a combination of a market place,
the Muslim and Christian religious festivals and the Baalbeck Festival.

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