23 years old, trainer on social change

What do you like about Lebanon?
I like its nature, the closeness of places to each other (geographically speaking). What I mostly
like about it is that it has a great culture, diversity and history. These could be the same things
that I can hate sometimes when people use of them for "political" or "power" reasons.

What do you hate about Lebanon?
I hate sectarianism, shallowness of some people, the disrespect of others beliefs and thoughts. I hate that we have some of the best writers, artists, musicians and scientists, but we brag about political or religious figures that were never constructive or fair with the Lebanese citizens. I hate that people speak up to be liberal but act exactly opposite.
Also I hate the stereotypes we have towards each other and that a person is always assessed according to "the group he/she belongs to" not as "an individual" or a "human being".

Are you involved in an association or a movement?
I have been a volunteer with the Lebanese Red Cross Youth department since July 2006. I am a member in two of its programs, HVP (Human Values and Principles) and a protection from car accidents program. Also, since 2006, I have been a volunteer trainer with Injaz (an organization that offers trainings on economics for students). I am a member of CHAML, an organization that works mostly in advocacy, lobbying and campaigning on serious issues, like abolishing death penalty and Lebanese status law.
I first volunteered in the war in July 2006. I felt so bad for being home and being an observer instead of helping other people.
I just wanted to give aid for people at that time, but after that it became addictive and I saw that "food" and "medicine" isn't what the Lebanese want, they need another mentality.

How do you see the future of your country?
The way it's going now, very bad... The policy used in Lebanon is very smart; they make people hungry so that they follow them. They make them feel insecure so they ask for security from their political leaders. The position of "government" is so weak. There is no national equality or security or equal health insurance for people... The basic human rights are not there.
You get your human rights by being obedient to your "group" and a good follower and if you remain silent even when everything is falling apart.

If you had to leave Lebanon, where would you want to live?
It would be a country that has security, equal respect to all its citizens, motivates people to be more creative, has good relations with all countries, gives its people the right to express themselves, has a secular law, not obedient to other countries or leaders, makes its laws according to people's needs, and can dream out loud... maybe none of the countries in this world.

A dream?
My dream is to teach people how to make keys to unlock their own chains, and awaken those who got their chains off
and locked themselves in a big prison to get out of this fake box.

That’s Lebanon I love
Picture here
It's where all Lebanese people from all religions and sects love each others and appreciate love.

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